Henty Wingman

The smart guys at Henty Designs commissioned us to refine their Wingman suit bag product.  The Wingman bag is designed to carry a suit and other business items – however, we recently used the bag to carry a week’s worth of luggage. The result was so good that we now use a Wingman for all our business travel. Here’s a list of what we got into one bag:

1 full business suit
3 business shirts
1 pair of business shoes
7 days worth of underwear – socks and jocks
2 t-shirts
1 jumper
1 pair of jeans
1 cap
1 set of long fleecy pyjamas (yes it’s winter)
1 electric shaver and all toiletries.
1 umbrella
2 coat hangers
1 writing pad with stationary (we elected to carry a laptop in a separate bag, but the wingman will take a tablet PC if you don’t wrap it too tight.)
1 gift – 120cm dia glass bowl! (carefully packed into the gym bag)

Total weight – 7.5kg – and it’s small enough for cabin luggage.

The guys at Henty Designs have now gone into full production and the product is selling like the proverbial hot cake. Look out for more from this growing brand.


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